How to Deal With Depressing Situations as a Medical Assistant

depression in healthcareLet’s face it, whether you are a tough skinned and tough minded person, as a health care worker – whether it be as a medical assistant, a nurse, or a doctor – you are going to have to deal with gut wrenching and mind numbing scenarios. There is no way to avoid this, either. When you decided to major in health care, you knew that this would be one of the risks. Gruesome scenarios  are common place in the health care field and you have to know how to be able to handle it – mentally. The health care field is all about helping people, and that means that you have to help people who are in need. So how do you deal with something as gruesome as the Zika Virus which deforms infant children?

There is no simple way to deal with these kind of scenarios. A human can only take so much. One of the best ways is to be able to separate work from your outside life. You have to split your mind into two. Your at work mind and your away from work mind. While this sounds like a ridiculous concept, you have to take into consideration that besides therapy there are no real ways to help you with these traumatic events. Most health care workers resort to negative feel goods such as alcohol and cigarettes, but this only pushes them further away from being in a healthy place.

One of the things they teach you in medical assisting diploma program is to cope with these scenarios and be able to do recreational activities outside of work. They have to be healthy recreational activities that involve a great deal of physical work. Physical activity helps with the release of serotonin which causes an elevation in mood.