Health Care under Ransom by Hackers

healthcare hackersIt’s no surprise that hackers would set their sights on medical records now that hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices are moving their documents from physical to digital. While most medical offices and health care facilities have always been a safe place when it comes to patient information, it is not the case nowadays. With the switch from print to digital there is a lot of security optimization that has not taken place. These facilities do not have a stable or up to date security system in place as they have never needed one before.

So What’s All the Buzz About?

Earlier today global news and information magazine Politico wrote an interesting article reporting on the current state of Information Technology in the Health Care field. Their opening line went as follows,”A stolen credit card is worth about $2 on the black market. A stolen medical record? It’s worth $25 or more — just one reason why hackers are stepping up their pursuit of privileged health care information, and why there’s every sign the problem will get worse before it gets better.” Politico held a long and detailed forum discussion with health care IT leaders covering the current state of health care IT and its battle in protecting information from hackers. The conversation was split between optimists and realists, but the general consensus is that, “you are vulnerable as your most gullible employee, I have over seen security for many organizations and at the end of the day the most common root cause to any of our failures are related to people.

People are your first and last line of defense.” Politico went on to report that a lot of those who participated in the forum agree that instead of relying on support by the government, that health care IT leaders should learn from industries that have already gone digital like credit card companies.